m.w. walker has a "true, blue vocal box"

~Suburban Apologist

"I didn't expect this" 
~Dylan Ludwig, Raven Sound Studios

A name in indie music since 2009, M.W. Walker currently pays his dues in Los Angeles, CA. He has worked with the Giordano brothers, Dane of the Plastic Pinks and Drew of Sonic Grafitti, Alec Ogg, Andy Plott of Silver Dreams Studios- but perhaps he is most well-known for his collaboration with Adam Haar- a.k.a "Matt Also Adam." He has since blossomed into a veteran artist thru a wide variety of experience. He's torn it up at famous LA venues, weddings, and small crowded bars. 

His debut studio album, "Half Awake" releases in 2016.

Photography by Matt Walker and Carlyn Scott