For all of your team building, ensemble imbuing, and improv improvement needs!

I have 10+ years of experience performing on stage (in front of people) that spans the entire United States. My expertise is game oriented scenework as it pertains to a mutlitude of long-forms.

Improv is transformative. It takes the connections in our lives and expands and strengthens them into something larger. It builds empathy, heightens interpersonal abilities, encourages creativity, and applies to nearly every facet of life as we know it.

If you, your business, or your group would like to find out more about how improv can help improve your life/lives- please, reach out!


Applied Improv Workshop    |     $ 100-500

2 hour workshop w/ break focusing on topics client decides.

A few topics to choose from: customer service, interpersonal skills, team building, creative problem-solving, and more!

Prices vary depending on group size

Large Corporate Workshop    |     $ Variable

2-3 hour survey (+ potential performance) of all things improv

Reach out for pricing and format

Coaching Session     |     $ 60 

2 hour coaching session helping work out any kinks your group might have

Price does not include travel (if needed)

Performance     |     $ 60

Up to 1 hour free-form show of "Matt Walker Does Something" w/ guests 

Price is a minimum


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This is a curated list of all the shows I know about happending around the Tampa Bay Area. If you see something that is off or needs attention, please reach out, so I can fix it.

Also, always double check with the showrunners (if known) shows can come and go without my knowledge.

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